• Safety Management – Night Caution

  • Most of the Filipinos are friendly and mild. However, it is better to be careful all the time.
  • Even the Filipinos could be terrified and hurt.
  • Danger is not only for Filipinos but for foreigners too. I do not go around late at night, and I do not go to unfamiliar places.
  • Carry a small unit of money and put the bag in front of you is a way to avoid pickpocketing.
  • The Philippines is a place where everyone lives the same way. I do not need to worry about life itself, but we should be careful.
  • TIP for Healthy Philippine Life – Difficulties and Countermeasures

  • Drowsiness Symptoms – Symptoms such as stomach pains, diarrhea, and high fever can occur. Sufficient water intake is required with and ionic drinks. If symptoms persist for a long time, be sure to tell any office staff and go to the hospital.
  • Because of the large difference in temperature outside the room, it is easy to get airborne. It is important to have long clothing that protect your body, as it can cause headaches and colds. Drink plenty of water from time to time, sweat minerals and taking vitamins to supplement your diet is also suggested.
  • TIP for successful training

  • English is recreational, not academic. There is no turning back. Students must study hard on weekdays to meet the purpose of the trainingand they can travel on weekends in Antique, Boracay, and many more. Healing and recharging your body and mind will enable you to achieve higher achievement and will have a wonderful memory and experience that can not be replaced
  • Believe in yourself do not depend on your parents or friends. Practice using English with your tutors rather than hang out with your same nationality friends, talk to your tutor and make use of your chance to use English. It is a part of learning that can not be found on the four corners of the classroom.
Policy Contents
Refund After cancellation of school registration, refund is not possible under any circumstances.
Refund target ‘tuition’ and ‘dormitory’ is limited to the ‘total cost of training “. In addition, SSP Fee, such as pick up fee is not subject to refund.
However, if cancellation is done prior to attending school, refund is guaranteed. Cancellation fee of the flight ticket etc. is free of charge.
No refund and make-up class if student arrived later than the schedule date of arrival.
If you are expelled after entering the school or you cancelled your stay, you must submit a written request to get a refund.
Refund ranges are defined as follows:
1. Immediately after arrival – refund exclusive of 4 weeks boarding expenses.
2. Under 10% of training time consumed- refund 70% of balance for a charge of training.
3. 10~29% of training time consumed- refund 50% of balance for a charge of training.
4. 30~49% of training time consumed- refund 30% of balance for a charge of training.
5. More than 50% of training time consumed – no refund will be given.
The time of refund – you can receive within 30 days from submission of a completed application form and will be sent into your bank account.
(Application form of refund can be completed in the school office.)
Extension You must apply for the extension at least four weeks in advance. The extension fee must be paid at least 2 weeks before the training starts.
Rights & Responsibility If the contract about the service isn’t provided due to Force Majeure such as business trouble, flight delay or cancellation, and other irresistible reasons on your part, neither MK nor its agency isn’t liable for anything.
In addition, MK will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that occurs without the written permission of the school.
MK may change prices for reasons that MK can not control, such as exchange rate hikes, tax hikes, and other government actions. MK reserves the right to change course dates, courses and programs at any time.
MK reserves the right to impose caution or warning against a student who violates rules and regulations, and to dismiss the student if he had repeated warnings or cautions.
A student who holds an infectious disease is obliged to inform MK management of the illness.
MK must notify the guardian and staff when the student is forced out before the expiration date. MK must notify you in written or verbal.

The following rules and regulations are subject to change in accordance with the local circumstances. All students staying and studying in MK are highly required to comply with the rules and regulations, and to refrain from treating Filipino staff, managers and tutors inappropriately.

Details Demerit Details Demerit
Using cell phone except for the academic purpose or disturbing other students in group class 1 Noncompliance of instructions of the management with no valid reason or committing other vicious action 4
1 day absence without pre-notice 1 Destroying, damaging, moving or transforming MK property 4
Physical contact with a tutor or other staff 1 Drinking liquor inside and outside MK on a weekdays 4
Entering and disturbing other students in their room 1 Gambling 4
Violating the curfew 2점 Disclosing private matters between a student and a tutor to others or not trying to solve the matters with the aid of the management 5점
Noise violation 2
Posting a notice or a sign in MK premises with no permission from the management 3
Damaging or removing MK’s officially posted notices or signages 3 Monetary transaction, or lending and borrowing money between a student and a tutor 5
Letting outsiders access to MK grounds with no permission 3 Entering the floor of the opposite gender 9
Violating the curfew and entering MK complex by unlawful means 3 Committing a criminal offence such as theft, or verbal or physical violence 10
Locking the Wi-Fi for personal use or downloading contents from the internet, hinder other students from using the internet 3 Committing verbal or physical sexual harassment or other sexual abuse 10
Staying out of MK complex overnight without filling out the waiver form in advance 3 Dating a tutor 10
Entering an opposite gender’s room 10
Smoking, drinking or bringing alcohol, cooking in the dorm, or taking tableware, utensils or food out of the cafeteria 4 Spreading vicious rumors among tutors and/or students and inciting collective behavior 10
Demerit Punishment Demerit Punishment
1 Verbal warning 6 Being grounded for four days during weekend
2 A talk with the principal, writing an apology letter, Campaigning 7 Being grounded for two weeks
3 Being grounded for one day on the weekend 8 A talk with the principal, 50% forfeiture of the deposit, issuing a warning letter, being grounded for one week
4 Being grounded for two days on the weekend 9 Being grounded for two weeks and 100% forfeiture of the deposit
5 Being grounded for three days during weekends 10 Expulsion from MK with no refund
Policies Details
Dorm Policy In case of necessity or room cleaning, house keepers or managers could check a student’s room, and alcohol or cooking utensils which are not allowed may be confiscated without notice.
The student’s bag or groceries shall be subject for inspection by the guard-on-duty to avoid bringing in of alcohols in the campus. A deposit of US $ 100 is required on arrival at the dormitory. This is for the protection of dormitory facilities.
Separate damages will be charged for damage caused by intentional school or housing property.
You can not change the location of the furniture in each room.
A penalty of 500 pesos will be charged for keys lost in the dormitory room.
Room change Dormitory replacement is not available after entering the institute. Upgrades are possible only if unavoidable
Outing and Curfew On Monday to Thursday students are allowed to go out of MK until 8pm.
On Fridays and Saturdays the curfew is until 2am And Sundays until 10pm.
Those who violate the curfew would be given 2 penalty points
Outside visitor / Entering other student’s room / Married couple Please note that guests are not allowed to enter the dormitory room except for their parents from 09:00 to 18:00. This is to prevent theft and other incidents and accidents.
Going in and out access to same sex and opposite sex room is strictly restricted.
If you break or disgustingly act in this way, you will be warned or dismissed.
(Except for married couples and families.)
Laundry The laundry is dropped three times a week to the laundry area every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and could be picked up on those days in the afternoon. The receipt schedule is the same as the submission date. The institute is not responsible for lost or damaged laundry. Lost or damaged office contact.
Room Cleaning Room cleaning service is provided on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for male students and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for female students according to the room cleaning schedule.
House keepers change the bed sheets once a week for those who signed for the room cleaning schedule only.
Electricity and water Bill Electricity and water fee should be charged and the members of the room need to share the fee depending on their usage.
Personal Belongings MK is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or cash which are not secured in the office.
Drinking Drinking and gambling activities in the dormitory are strictly prohibited, and you may be warned and dismissed in case of violation and no refunds will be given.
Smoking To prevent pleasant environment and fire. Smoking is strictly prohibited in school building / CPU
Fire prevention Cooking is strictly prohibited in the dormitory for fire prevention. Using cookware such as gas burners, coffee pots, candles, matches and electric plates are strictly prohibited.
Pets We do not allow the bringing of animals that may interfere with the learning and rest of others.
Blackout and singularity Please note that due to the environmental characteristics of the Philippines, there is a possibility of blackout and singularity.
Policy Details
Class Each class starts at the beginning of each hour (the first class starts at 8am, the last class at 4pm). The class schedule consists of 50 minute classes and 10 minute breaks. Upon the dismissal of each class, sign the attendance slip. Otherwise, your attendance would be considered as an absence. A student cannot attend more than one 1:1 classes of the same tutor a day. If a student is more than 5 minutes late for a class, it is considered as tardiness.
Attendance If a student is more than 15 minutes late for a class, it is considered an absence and he/she cannot demand the class.
No make-up class is given to a student who is absent from a class for his/her personal reasons. A Sub-teacher or a make-up class will be given to a student whose tutor is absent or who could not have a class for the reasons of MK.
Self-study Those who attend the self-study from 8pm until 10pm on Monday to Thursday sign the attendance sheet at 8pm and 9pm respectively. The supervisor might check the attendance after 9pm with no pre-notice, and those who are not present at that time would be considered as absence even if they have already signed at 9pm.
Program change Programs and classes may change at MK if deemed necessary. Students can not change classes twice a week. The additional costs incurred by the student in changing and adding class.
Holiday Filipino holidays are not scheduled. (Notified a week ago) There are no supplementary classes for public holidays, but classes are held on Korean holidays.
Certification Certificate is not given if the student cannot meet the minimum attendance(85%) and doesn’t complete the course.
Exam All MK students are required to take the Monthly Test scheduled on the last Friday of every month, which consists of the listening, reading, writing, speaking and speech test, and to refer to the board consistently. The test will be given to the students based on their level, and those who did not take the test will be given 1A level as the test result.
Schedule Change/ Reliever Class Students can change their class(es) between 9am and 12pm on Thursday in the office. If more than one student attempts to sign up for the same 1:1 class, the applicant who has more Smile Cards than the others will be given priority in signing for the class. Those who are rejected may change their schedule next week. The newly updated schedule is valid starting next Monday. New students can immediately change their schedule after attending the class at least twice. Those whose tutor has resigned can change their schedule immediately regardless of the day