– Ordinary management system : Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese staffs and principal with 4 female and 4 male in-house teachers staying 24hrs. In the campus.
– 24hrs security guard checkpoint and MK security guard checkpoint guard on a constant alert

Founded Opened in 2002, renewed in 2009, 2017 renovated
Capacity 350
Class room 130 rooms (including group class and man to man rooms)
Accommodation Rooms for 1, 2, 3 and 2+1 tutor
Facilities Massage shop, cafeteria, gym, basket ball court, table tennis table, internet, air conditioner, Teacher’s Lounge, infirmary, bungalows. Etc.
Village facilities Swimming pool, basket ball court, walkway
Employees 150 Tutors, 50 managers & staff

Westwoods Subdivision

– CPU-ESL CENTER campus is located in a newly built luxurious village Westwoods Village) providing a safe and clean environment.
– You can enjoy various activities such as walking and jogging in the village. It has swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball, fitness area, table tennis and badminton.
– With clean air and pleasant environment. Mk has its own building and not renting.
– The campus has 5,200sq.mtrs land area.
– MK has its own basketball court, a restaurant, snack shop, cafeteria, and a fitness center.
– MK is Semi-Sparta and it is affiliated with CPU.
– Students can receive certificates and credits when they complete the university classes.

There is office, lobby, man to man and group classrooms and dormitory on the second and third floor.

Main Lounge
MK is the representative of English Language Education institution in the Philippines that won the Korean Education Brand Award for 10 consecutive years.

Inside the campus you can relax and dine comfortably in the cafeteria and Snack shop.

Students can do outdoor activities in front of the building, such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc. Or can talk and get a chance to make friends with other students.

Relaxation Areas
Bungalows are around the building that have tables and benches where students can sit, talk or have some snacks.

Time of Active Communication
Students in MK can enjoy their time and can have a chance to meet other nationalities and talk to their tutors freely.

MK is the representative of English language school in Philippines

MK is affiliated with the prominent university in the Philippines. Central Philippine University has an excellent educational system which is recognized by many universities, government bodies and corporations both in the Philippines and abroad.