Passport / Visa / SSP

  • Passport

If you do not have a passport yet

  • Visit and apply for one at the city hall or any other government office.
  • Time required : about 4 days after the application
  • Documents required : Application form, 2 pieces of photos, ID, stamp fee

2. If you already have a passport

  • Check if your passport is valid until the day you come back to Korea from the Philippines and keep it safe.
  • Your passport should be at least six-month valid from your departure date.
  • In case of loss, make a photocopy of your passport and prepare 2 pieces of your photos.

◆ For detailed information, visit the website Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Visa

1. Visa

Students are required to get visa before coming in the Philippines.
Philippines has 30-day-free visa and can apply for 59 days later , it is usually the easiest way to go to the Philippines.

2. Visa Extension

Extension Number of Days Fee
1st 8weeks 59days 3,340 Peso
2nd 12weeks 89days 5,910 Peso
3rd 16weeks 119days 4,610 Peso
4th 20weeks 149days 2,640 Peso
5th 24weeks 179days 2,640 Peso
  • SSP

SSP stands for Special Study Permit. The Philippine government does not issue a student visa for the students who learn English in a private school without enrolling in an undergraduate or graduate school in the country. It is required for foreign students to acquire an SSP to study at an educational institution.
An SSP is issued only for those who study at an institution authorized by the Philippine government.
It costs 6,000 pesos and is valid for 6 months.

  • ACR I-Card

ACR I-Card stands for Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card. All foreign residents who will stay longer than 59 days are required to have the card. It costs 3,000 pesos and is valid for 1 year.