Departure and Arrival Procedures

  • Passport

♦ Order Depart

☞ Check-in (before 2~3hours)
     Luggage pushing and ticketing

☞ Security check

☞ Immigration
     Present your passport and boarding pass

☞ Across duty-free and go to the boarding gate and wait

☞ Boarding

Please note that you should make sure to have with you the ticket from the counter when checking in because the ticket will be checked when you pick up your baggage and head out of the airport.

♦ Order Arrival

☞ Get off a plane
     Please make sure you don’t forget things.

☞ Immigration
     Present your passport and arrival card.

☞ Baggage Claim
     Find your flight No. for your luggage to be checked.

☞ Custom declaration
Green line : no items reported.
Red line : reported items

☞ Entry